My 11th Birthday | Special Edition #1 | ft. Tom Nook

No more waiting. It's here. My birthday. Its finally here

Well, I just finished the scavenger hunt and can tell you that it was epic. I'd like to thank my brother, Arca, for that. Give him a virtual hug on his blog, okay? So it started off with me receiving a special message from Tom Nook himself (it was a fake message), and he gave a free Animal Crossing calendar. Each day of the calendar was one animal's birthday. I shared a birthday with some dank ape named "Elise". There was also a character in it named "Boomer".

  Well, that surely exists... Anyways, I was then giving airplane tickets from "Dodo Airlines" (a real airline from the game):

  It assigned me to a random Gate. Arca gave almost every single room in the house a Gate name. 

  It was a cool scavenger hunt that used past events in our lives as references for the hunt.

(I'm the kid at the right in his pajamas)

Well, I knew that the scavenger hunt would be awesome from the start since Arca kept on hinting at it. But what I wasn't expecting was the gift...

Yes, we got our hands on the (now sold out) epic Animal Crossing: New Horizons flavored Nintendo Switch. We already had a Switch but...

We would be transferring over our data from our old Switch to our new Switch and will be selling our old Switch on eBay sometime soon. This Switch has twice the amount of battery life as our old Switch and looks a hundred times cooler. Afterward, my mom got me a balloon that flew away from our car even with the weight attached to it and got stuck up in our neighbor's tree.

Afterward, I had a virtual birthday party with my friends and family. We did a Youtube live stream so they could all watch it, but thanks to COVID-19, it failed. We put candles on creampuffs and called it a cake. In the end, it was a fun and eventful birthday. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I will be doing a "holy mac" face reveal.